Banking Software & IT Services for Banks

For 5 years GoldenGate delivers various banking software solutions (portals, intranets, mobile apps, CRM, etc.), manages their successful implementation, integration, testing and deployment as well as ensures their solid support.

We provide both platform-based and custom banking software that serves the needs of retail and corporate banking and improves the relationships between financial facilities and their customers, attracting and retaining the most profitable clientele..

Banking Software Solutions We Implement

Banking CRM

With 5 years in CRM consulting, GoldenGate can boost your effectiveness in various customer-facing activities such as:

◼ cross-selling and up-selling

◼ customer support

◼ systematic lead nurturing

◼ customer data management

◼ channel activity tracking

◼ customer experience management, and more.

Loyalty program management

Increase customer engagement with your brand and across multiple product lines through:

◼ establishing omni-channel communications

◼ adopting omni-channel approach for managing customer relationships

◼ building flexible reward systems

◼ including gamification elements, and more.

Banking data analytics

Tap into customer trends and liquidity forecasts, drive revenue and mitigate risks by converting raw data into actionable, reliable and consistent insights.

GoldenGate will help you implement the following types of bank data analytics:

Customer analytics (customer segmentation, attrition analysis, cross-sell effectiveness analysis, etc.);

Channel analytics (analysis of branch transactions and customer traffic, analysis of click patterns, frequently accessed web-pages, search behavior, the most widely used mobile banking features, etc.);

Marketing analytics (success of marketing campaigns, factors that increase sales, etc.);

◼ Risk analytics (credit risk, market risk, operational risk, liquidity risk, etc.);

Performance analytics (sales performance, branch and digital channels performance and profitability, etc.).

Lending software

Take fast and well-informed loan decisions, mitigate risks and reduce time and costs of loan delivery.

◼ Digitize loan origination, underwriting and servicing.

Introduce a configurable borrower portal for consumer, commercial and small business loans.

Opt for a web-portal or a custom mobile application to accelerate the mortgage application process.

Payment software

Harness the power of digital payments.

◼ Ensure fast and secure transactions with custom mobile payment solutions.

Increase customer loyalty with NFC or QR-based mobile wallets that hold digital information about customers’ credit and debit cards, store coupons, loyalty programs, and more.

◼ Enable customers to make real-time, person-to-person (P2P) payments.

◼ Streamline the accounts payable process for your business clients.

Bank intranet

Help employees to work better together.

◼ Facilitate collaboration and communication between departments.

◼ Create unique environment for data sharing and informal communication.

◼ Ensure information consistency, better data management and search.

Promote corporate values and strengthen a sense of community within the workplace.

Document management system

Ensure seamless and fully automated document circulation in your bank.

◼ Build a single library supporting multiple document templates.

◼ Create automated workflows for receiving, routing and completing documents.

◼ Ensure document compliance with internal standards and regulations.

Knowledge management solution

Make your bank’s corporate knowledge a competitive advantage.

◼ Create a corporate knowledge base and a unified discussion hub.

◼ Post information for corporate education.

Share case studies, workshop materials, guidelines, FAQs and other knowledge items.

Discuss events, ask questions, get consultations and do other activities with rich SharePoint knowledge management functionality.

What We Offer

Digital transformation consulting

Whether you need to develop an enterprise digital strategy or move to a new technology platform, GoldenGate will work closely with you to improve your IT ecosystem. Our IT consultants will help you identify how banking solutions can reinvent your business, as well as help you choose the most suitable platform, and estimate costs.

IT-based customer experience consulting

With 5-year experience in developing CXM solutions, GoldenGate clearly understands what makes excellent customer experience and how software can optimize and enhance all stages of the CXM cycle. Our CX consultants will guide you through a variety of solutions for customer experience management helping to choose and implement the most suitable ones.

Solution implementation

Backed by deep expertise in implementing platform-based solutions, GoldenGate can meet the ever-changing needs of any banking environment at any scale. To reflect your bank’s unique business models, we can create a solution from scratch thereby satisfying your needs much more precisely than any off-the-shelf product.

Solution maintenance and support

In case you need a dedicated IT team to upgrade your banking software, GoldenGate can ensure support and maintenance services. With GoldenGate’s help, you can reduce the cost of technical support as well as get upgrades, design update, performance tuning, and patches for your banking systems.

Meet your business challenges

At GoldenGate, we successfully meet the following business challenges of retail and corporate banking:

◼ Decreased level of customer trust

◼ Customer attrition

◼ Unsatisfactory CX and loyalty

◼ Weak cross-selling

◼ Disintegrated communication with customers

◼ Fragmented view of customers

◼ Increased competition from Fintechs

◼ and more.